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Free   Your   Mind   And   Your   Ass   Will   Follow....

D-Flow:Taking you where you can free your mind and your ass will follow... As you probably can tell by the pic's on this page, Digital Underground is a constantly revolving wacky P-Funk troup that consists of different talents all the time. D.U. is a school for M.C's. The group currently consists of (core members):frontman Shock-G, and Money-B,wacky characters like Peanut-Hakeem Humpty-Hump and M.C. Blowfish, and other group members D.J. DOT, Jay-Z and Saafir (of Hobo Junction), Esinchill, Dungeon Squad, Pee-Wee and Big Money Otis (of Gold Money), Tupac Shakur, Treach, and many many many 'mo(all will be given credit when i get the page up). They were the first on the scene in the '90's with the "family type' thing going on that Wu-Tang does now, the group consisting of many peeps with many side projects, meaning D.U. literally d a hand in everything. They first arrived on the hip-hop scene around 1986 with they're single "Underwater Rhymes" that was put out independantly and were signed under Tommy Boy Records in 1988, releasing the hit album titled "Sex Packets" which was a concept album that was about a sex dream inducing drug; that album was released on the world in 1989. That album set the hip-hop world on fire and totally changed the outlook on music in general. Taking Parliament/Funkadelic, Jimmy Hendrix, and Bootsy Collins samples, Shock and Co. created a batch of gravy that included the hit singles "The Humpty Dance" and "Doowutchyalike!". The entire album became classic and the group was up for a Grammy nomination. The next album entitled "This is an E.P. Release" was a hit too, with the single "The Same Song" that let the world know that D.U. had indeed "been all around the world". This was the album that introduced us to Big Money Odis and his smooth flows laid over the G-Flow laced track called "Nuttin This Funky". D.U. was strong, and appeared in the Dan Akroyd movie originally called Valkenvania but later changed to "Nothing But Trouble". Dan Akroyd wanted Digital Underground in the film because he like Shock's "Humpty" character with his fake nose like his own character in the movie. In 1991 Digital let the world know that they were indeed the inheritors of the P and were capable of of carrying the torch of the funk way into the future. They ARE the Sons of the P as the title of the album says. Tracks off "P" are No Nose Job, Kiss You Back that were videos, and the whole album is classic. We were introduced to the "D-Flow" concept which is that the D-Flow Shuttle is the train that brings the 'underground to our "not so ready world". The 3 years in between spawned side projects by members Raw Fusion, Gold Money, and Tupac Shakur, who had Shock on his single "Trapped" and the D-Flow produced "I Get Around" that was originally a D.U. track that Shock gave to Tupac that literally made him blow up. "I'm Shock-G, the one who put the satin on your panties, never knew a hooker that could share me"; was echoing around the world. The "Body Hat Syndrome" was released in '93, and featured the video that was played on the Playboy Channel called "Return of the Crazy One". Straight funk all throughout the album, but becuse D.U. wouldn't conform to Tommy Boy Records dictating the music that they wanted to be made by DU, Shock and Co. were released from their contract. PROPS to D.U.! They didn't take that bullshit from Tommy Boy. A few years later Digital came through on a new label called Critique Records (the label which folded up hence no album promotion)with and album that heads slept on called "Future Rythm". The singles off it are "Walk Real Kool" and "Oregano Flow" which let us know where the future of funk was heading. The song "We Got More" with the Luniz was featured on the movie "Don't Be a Menace". This album is a mix of different flavors, gearing D.U. up bringing the groceries for they're 5th album "Who Got The Gravy" on Jake Records. Shock introduces the world to another character Peanut-Hakeem Anafu Washington, and lets the world know that we need more Man's Girls around. So go pick up a copy of "Who Got the Gravy"..Digital's 5th album..keeping the funk alive for '99 and beyond. Catch the D-Flow and realize why this "elite fleet of unique emcee's" is the "Rythm of the Future".