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There   will   be   NO   NOSE   JOB!

Ride the D-Flow and Follow the Dank Line

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"Some   say   we're   the   Sons   of   the   Prophet...."

Some say we're the Sons of the Preacher... Sons of the "P", P-Funk, Parliament Funkadelic. DU expanded our minds with this outstanding slab of funk, letting our instincts take us where we would and could be on one with it all. Introducing us to the D-Flow Shuttle, which served as Digital Underground's passport from the Underground Labs to the Upper World, this LP was they're 3rd consecutive effort, and it proved them to be the Sons of the P. The second track "Heartbeat Props" tells us to "give my man props cause he's livin"; in other words, give someone props before they die, give them the respect they deserve. "No Nose Job" features Hump letting the world know, even though he's gained fame, he won't conform to what society wants him to be.."There will be NO nose job!" One interesting cut on Sons of the P is "Tales of the Funky" which takes us back in time to way back in the day, when Parliament/Funkadellic were bringing the mothership to the world. Back when sex was safe and driving was dangerous. "Kiss You Back" is a track that samples "Knot Just...Knee Deep" by Funkadelic, a sample used well.