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Ride the D-Flow and Follow the Dank Line

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Rockin   to   the   PM

Wether it be p.m., or to the Piano Man, these guys flow flow flow. Consisting of D.J. Fuze and Money-B, these two cats have 3 albums out. The one above (Live from Styleetron) is they're debut album. Fuze and Mon first appeared in D.U. and Mon is currently touring with Shock, Mystik, Esinchill, and D.J. DOT. Fuze is at a club in the San Francisco Bay area. The second album, called "Hoochified Funk" didn't catch many heads because of the lack of promotion from the record company that they were with, the album is STRAIGHT dope though, and NO ONE should sleep on it. Raw Fusions newest album "The Best of Raw Fusion" is only available at the Digital Underground shows that are currently going on right now (check the homepage for tour dates, go see 'em, don't miss out, they put on the best shows out of all the cats I've seen). Try to pick up a copy of Raw Fusions newest album, it has new unreleased songs featuring Tupac, Saafir, Stretch, and of course Digital Underground along with Mon's cuz Clee. Also be lookin for Mon's new album in the next couple months which features D.J. Quik (no c), Digital, and tons of other guest artists. DON'T SLEEP ON MONEY-B OR RAW FUSION. Come on Mon, lets get the new album out! Peeps is waiting!!!!!!