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4-30-99: Well,the most important news that I have for you is for you, yes you, is to try to get Digital to come tour to your town. If your in college, talk to your coordinator at your school, have people ask for Digital, I promise you it will be a show that your school and area will not forget for a loooooong time. The next bit of news I have for you is about "The Lost Files". That album is all the songs that didn't make it onto Digital albums for one reason or another. "On One" was one of the songs that didn't make it because Prince was having problems with his label and it couldn't get cleared in time for the Gravy. It also has an old school type song that I have heard is PHAT called "Do Watcha Want To" that is a party song. They have sold out of them from the shows, and Mon is going to be having more pressed. So keep checking back here because soon I will have info how YOU can get a copy for yourself. Don't miss your chance for this ultra rare D.U. album to fall into your lap. There have been more tour dates added, check the Tour Dates page, and remember...try to get D.U. into your area! Be creative and get involved!!!! Check back for more details on the new single and video that will be out in May...Jake Records is dumping alot of money into the video so it has to be good.. As for new albums, there is an album that is going to be off the hook called "D-Flow Project". It is produced by Redmans producer and Shock-G. Featured on the album will be new material by Shock, Mon, Mystik, Esinchill, and The Element. Mon is finishing up his solo album, stay tuned for the latest. Mystik and Esinchill are finishing up they're solo albums also, and I've heard that they're also strictly dope..again, stay tuned to "DOOWUTCHYALIKE!" for the latest in D-Flow Humpty Funk News.