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Ashes   to   ashes..dust   to   dust.....

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Welcome to the crazy world of Digital Underground. Check out this very
short, but very funny interview.

HHN: To start off, why is this the right time for Digital Underground to
drop another album?
Shock G: Cause we're still alive!!!

HHN: Being the group that gave Tupac his first real shot, were you
pleased at the direction his musical and personal life took during the
time he was with us?
Humpty Hump: Much more than just pleased: incredibly proud! Ya see, I'm
the one who taught him how to Rap.

HHN: This question is for Shock G, how do you think those rumors about
your drug addiction began and did it effect you and your music in
Shock G: The only drug i've ever been addicted to is Nicotine, and i'm
doing a lot better with not smoking lately.

HHN: On the new album, "Who's Got The Gravy" KRS-One seems to be a very
important component, why is this?
Shock G: Cause he's better than all the other rappers and guest artists
on the album. A monumental talent, like Pac'.

HHN: Digital Underground have always had a creative style of dress and I
was wondering how the group reacts to people saying Dre from Outkast is
gay and in a cult due to his style of dress which is similar to yours?
Money B: He can't touch Humpty or Peanut when it comes to fashion!

HHN: I know Shock is working on Pac's next Amaru Records album and I was
wondering if you could give some info on that project?
Shock G: We're remixing some of the older (our-period) Pac' stuff.
Numbskull of the Luniz helped with production too.

HHN: This question is for Money B, do you feel if your up-coming solo
album "Only The Strong Survive" is a success, it may prompt you to leave
behind Digital Underground and move on?
Money B: First of all Humpty, Shock and I are all front line people, not
"behind". I'll always give 100% to both projects and anything else I
become involved in.

HHN: Back when "Sex Packets" was released, do you feel you could have
promoted the album better othen than that drug scare, or do you feel it
was the best way?
Humpty: True. I agree. Shock G: The videos "Dowhutchalyke" and "Humpty
Dance" were most responsible for any promotion, in my opinion.

HHN: What is next for Digital Underground?
Piano Man: Tour a different galaxy.

HHN: Will you be touring?
Piano Man: Duh!

HHN: Can you drop an original written rhyme for the newsletter?
Shock G: Not enough time, I got 2 girls in the other room and our
exctasy trip is just peaking.

HHN: Where is Hip-Hop headed?
Humpty: Mostly to record stores.

HHN: When you guys decide to pack it in, how should Digital Underground
be remembered?
Money B: Through the process of thought; how the f*ck else?!

HHN: What is your final message for the newsletter?
Digital Underground: Ashes 2 ashes, dust 2 is short, so
party we must!!

Thanks to Digital Underground for an odd, but funny interview.