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Yo Man..your person # that has picked the lyrical loogie from my nose!

Holla   Holiday

"Holla Holiday" Hump: Now here we go/come on (4 times with crowd following what the Humpsta says) Group chorus:Bottles up/Put em down (4 times) Hump: Now bottles up its about that time/fall in line take your coat off/lets have a toast coast to coast show to show Shock:So holla at me/a brand new holiday for players of all kinds/rich,poor,blind,yellow and red wake up the dead! Hump: Shine they lights/this is all up night/true Digital U./ and by the Hump's bringin that slump you can bump to! Shock: So don't be sleep, heres the opportunity let that dove out Hump:We looped up Public Enemy in the drums to make you bug out Shock:Lace me/is about to do what they don't/housin ready to hit the year 2010 Hump:I work that brown nose so'z you can laugh weak crews don't do shows with us the underground will blast through Shock:Out of the frame can your brain stand a twump sack of these nuts? Ladies:WE WANT SHOCK JEEZUS! Shock:And I want you back Hump: Fat tracks I've heard but them words got me debating on them dumb songs come on got that tone you've been waitin on! Chorus:Bottles up!/Put em down! (4 times) Clee: Well next up in line to toast ya/Clee and my dog John Doe'ja/ We got that bump that'll shake you up it'll wake you up like Foldger's John Doe: Coffee/back up off me/cause we be super saucy/I'm with my dogs/and them dumb dumb moves gonna prove to be costly Clee: My dogs be always with me like I'm grabbin a end/from the beep on the street from the jeeps/plus the Zapp's super slumpin John: Bumpin, never drunken, but we always into somethin/I'm doin donuts/make the hoes go nuts/our name should be Duncan Clee: It ain't your fault/and we chose the day to holla and spread love folks/ we talk to each other like English brothers/we have more pull than tail coats John: Unlike them cutthroats/make cash/we flows up and down like a teeter totter/Instead of their dogs they checkin for they Lexus and they more riders Clee: I don't know why cause when they checkin for in any riders/we keep our dogs beside us/thats why we the survivors All:So bottles UP! John: So toss some Hennessey, Mo Mo and Alizay, ain't no playa hate this way/its a All:Holla Holiday! Hump: Yeahehe....So go on now/dog gone it everybody get your love on,brotha's be getting they hog on, forgettin to put they dogs on Shock: La ti da ti, nuttin but a party, toast this up lets make it happen/holla if you hear me/pass me the beenie/we through rappin