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DuNJuN mP3's/cd's!!!!!!!!!!!: hear the SquAd!

PeEP   FlaV   CaUSe   ThiS   iS   OnLY   tHE   BeGInNinG...........

The Dungeon Squad formed in Oakland, CA in 1993. Late one night in 1993, while blunted and wandering the depths of the Universal Unconscious, the members crossed paths, exchanged telepathic vibrations and immediately bonded, noting that they were searching for the exact same thing: that "Next" Bringing with them influences from all over the musical spectrum and realizing that their missions were so similar(plus they all really dug Hip Hop- which was COOL), they decided that the correct thing to do would be to form an alliance, thus, the DUngEon SquAd was born. And they've been together ever since. Om the years that followed, they would do work for several well known artists- but under different names, ofcourse- while collectively developing their OWN ideas and ideals to a point where they could come forth and attempt to flip a thing or two. They have since completed 5 underground singles(Bay Area release only) and four EP's of their own. The crew has been influenced from everything from Steely Dan to George Clinton to The Roots to Roni Size to Pizzicato 5..they dig it all!!!!!!!!!!! The members represent both the east and west coasts. O-Bee and D-Luv, along with T.F.E. are from Long Island, N.Y. and Queens, N.Y.. Sevin who supplies the beats is from Oakland, C.A.. The M.C.'s, O-Bee and D-Luv were first featured on "Famlily of the Underground" on 1991's D.U. classic "Sons of the P". They have ghost written for many artists not associated with D.U. and have written for other D.U. songs. T.F.E. (Too Fly Ely) was also on "Sons of the P" and is the D.J. for the 'SquAd. He is currently working with Money V and other D.U. members. Sevin aka Mista B is in charge of the dope production of DUNJUN. Sevin is the founder and original member from the Bay Area Hip Hop collective Hobo Junction(no longer with them, and has also collaberated on several Digital Underground tracks and produced the R&B flavored "Lean Butta Bean" Remix of the 1993 D.U. single "Return of the Crazy One" along with doing production for other major acts. THANKS TO MISTA B FOR THE KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe me, if you want something totally tight and with a distinct sound, unbelievable dope ass beats and lots of fresh rhymes....PEEP THE SQUAD!!!!!!!!!! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GET THE CD OFF OF THE LINK TO THE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!