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HoW WeLl dO yOu KnoW THe uNDerGroUnD??? A) Shock-G B)Esinchill C)The Unknown Derelict? D) Humpty Hump E)Money-B F) Peanut Hakeem
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Last Updated: October 21, 2002
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Updates.....It's been a long time, DOOWUTCHYALIKE!!!!!!!!!!

Shock has a new album coming soon...go to for more details. Shock's changing the game once again, this is gonna be HOT!

The Elements (hip-hop grou based from Reno, Nevada) album is coming soon. Get over to for more on their album. They got free mp3's too of tracks.

Check out the gifted Esinchill's Website at for more information on Esinchill.

Check out the audio in the Music Section!
Coming Soon: The Return of the Crazy One and No Nose Job video's!