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Real   Deep   Thoughts...With   Shock-G

And now....Real Deep Thoughts dedicated to Mel Rose from Shock-G Shoes are alot like people

Once the shaping of a shoe is complete, it then finds itself on display for the world to see, amidst millions of other soles like iself, so do we

It hopes that it's empty space inside will be filled one day, and it knows that once this space is filled it will be taken new places and will see new things, so do we.

A shoe may be considered of higher value if more time was put into it's shaping, and like people, an incomplete shoe or a shoe that less care went into will attract less.

People "try us on" when we date. If they really like the fit, they keep us.

If we were put together well, we "won't wear" out 2 quicky. The best of us, if the fit is right, will last forever with occasional maintenance.

Some of us were chosen b-4 we were properly tried on, only to be exchanged later for a better fit.

If this happens, we must not blame ouselves. Our shape and size will not fit every sole, but we can be happy in knowing that somewhere out there is a sole that will fit our empty space perfectly.

G. Jacobs