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Digital Underground AND Raw Fusion

Sex Packets: "Hey what are these condoms?" "Nuh-uh Sex Packets!"
This is an E.P. Release: Been all around the world
Sons of the P: As it is so shall it be, you be, SONS OF THE P
The Body Hat Syndrome: Who'da thought I need hats for my eyes..protect me from the TV lies
Future Rythm: Hit em with the rythm of the future!
Who Got the Gravy?: DU's got the gravy pour it on baby baby pour it on!
Live From The Styleetron/Hoochified Funk/Best Of Raw Fusion: This Funk Will Make Your Ears Explode! Very Funky Shit!

Saafir, the Saucy Nomad

AKA Mr. NoNo/Hit List:

Get   in,   sit   down,   Funk   up!

Choose the album of your choice. Then relax and prepare to be taken on a trip where the funk is fat and where all you do is party party party. After all, we're only here for a short time, so live life to the fullest, have fun, and click the links on the left!