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The First Annual Digital Underground
Humpty Dance Awards
Music is a language. A free flowing, constantly evolving entity, alive wit' attitude and change, moving from ear to ear, person to person,....much like the air we breathe. With this point of view, no one person can rightfully claim a beat, a melody, or any musical phrase as if they own it. Many famous writers, actors, politicians, and spokespeople earn a living using words and phrases that have been repeated since tthe beginning of language itself. Virually anything you say has been said b-4, either in this time and language, or at another time in another language.

....The same thing goes for music, but there alot of greedy negotiators and business people who use foul, funked-up legal tricks and tactics to make extra-fat, excessive loot off music that they they have not natural right to tax. They sue each other left and right over petty bullshit, ...many times without the consent of the original performer, or, without even notifying the artists. This often makes enemys out of artists who used to be friends, or between people who don't even know each other. What if you and your best friend suddenly found out that you were sueing each other?!?!*!$!!$XX@!*!??!! So now, instead of concentrating on being a good musician and doing what people want to hear, many artists find themselves struggling through a giant legal and political chess game with the #1 priority being......don't get check-mated!
Well we's seriously tryin' not to be wit' that bullshit...and in honor of this whole purpose, bring to you...."THE HUMPTY DANCE AWARDS".
Keep Doin' wutchyalike!