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2PAC, Digital Underground, Luniz, and Prince Fans!!
This is he BOO BOO FIXES DEPT. with an important announcement:
The "D Flow Production Squad" would like to mention the following peeps for past due credit that somehow got lost in the corporate shuffle. Na' mean...?"So lets set da' record straight right now:(P.S. these are people who gave their ALL to these projects but their names were accidently left out. Raw deal, right? So we're gonna give em'dey props so the chicks don't think they be lyin, and dey can get more sex! hee hee!"
Josh Tobias DID engineer on the D.U. album "Sex Packets".

DJ-Fuze assisted Shock-G with drum programming and turntable work on the "Love Sign" remix from Prince"s "Crystal Ball" album.

Stan The Guitar Man and Lay-Law (down in L.A.) played live guitars and basses on the Prince & Time inspired "Fuck The World" track from PAC's multiplatinum "Me Against The World" album.(Humpty Hump and "The Shah" of No-Face added some background vocals, too.)

And even though the billboard charts & platinum plaques suggested so, DJ Darryl did NOT produce "I Get Around", WE did. (He did the other major bubble on that album,"Keep Ya Head Up." Peace Darryl!) The recording and mix engineer was Darrin Harris.

Master Mind (down in Tampa) WAS awarded a gold album plaques for the D.U. "Sons Of The P" album, but it got jacked in the mail and was never replaced. Sorry "Mind" we owe ya'one!

A good portion of the Luniz platinum album "Operation Stackola: had pre-production done by Money B & DJ-Fuze at their studio in North Oakland (D.U. Headquarters), as well as, many of the albums final mixes (including the "I Got Five On It" remix) were recorded and mixed by D-FLOW SQUAD member, Michael Denten.

And finally, ERIC "KENYA" BAKER and SHOCK-G did the programming and production on "Top Of The World" from the platinum "Menace To Society" soundtrack, NOT Dwayne Wiggins as was wrongfully listed. (Dwayne Wiggins did however, oversee and executive produced the project, which did provide the opportunity. Good lookin, Dwayne!)